About StartHere.PH

At StartHere.PH we have the Philippines, and the Filipino at heart. We envision ourself to be a website that features articles related to Philippine government, business, popular news topics, and stories of Filipinos. We want to be your starting point to find simple, accurate, yet comprehensive information on our focused topics.

Contributing to this endeavor is our compilation of Philippine news websites per Region, accessible under the “PH News” menu item, as well as having available a Google-enhanced Search box for information focused on Philippine news resources and current events. Give it a try, it works! 🙂

Motivation to Start

We are starting as a personal blogging endeavor by Eric Paolo Smith, a businessman in the hotel and restaurant industries, and active citizen in various organizations. Knowing that we live in a time of both rampant disinformation and too much information, he was motivated to start a website that would answer the need for simple yet comprehensive information.

At the time, it was during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period when netizens wanted to know about guidelines from government. The proliferation of these guidelines from various government agencies were delivered in legal speak and was not a comfortable read to the ordinary Filipino.

StartHere.PH thus is an application of Eric’s tech-savvy and passion to fulfill the mission set forth for the website. We are excited with what we do and the opportunities that may come our way moving forward! Thank you for your readership and support!

About Eric

Eric works for his family businesses — a pizza restaurant and a beach resort. After accomplishing high school from Cebu International School, Eric completed his Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology Management from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2009. He pursued further studies at the University of the Philippines Professional Schools Cebu where he finished a Masters degree in Business Administration in 2016.

He is co-founder at the Youth for Livable Communities or YLC, a platform started with friends in 2012 to find creative solutions towards more livable communities. An advocate of active citizenship and nation building, he is also an active Jaycee since 2016 and is the 2020 Local Organization president of the Junior Chamber International or JCI Mandaue chapter.

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