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Internet Speed Test Tools

There are other online tools to use to check just how fast your internet connection is.

One of the most commonly used internet connection speed test provider is one offered by Ookla, known aptly as Speedtest. Ookla claims that over ten million speed tests are initiated using their tools everyday.

Just head over to to get one started.

Powered by Netflix, initiates a speed test right away as soon as the whole website is loaded. It focuses more on download speed. By expanding the results view you would see additional details to the test.

What sets this apart other than its simplicity is that it computes download, upload, and latency for data sent to and from its servers. So it also gives you an idea on how your connection fares up to the different streaming resolutions with Netflix videos.

Start your test with here.


Short for Measurement Lab, is an internet connection speed test tool backed by Google.

After agreeing to their policies, a measurement of your connection’s speed proceeds. Results provided include the test server’s location, upload, download speeds, and latency.

MLab claims to provide “the largest collection of open Internet performance data on the planet.”

Try it out at

Backed by the Cloudflare network, not only tests your connection’s speed but also its consistency. Their interface provides ad-free and highly detailed information.

Get one started at

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