How to Get The Printed ePhilID (Because the PhilID Plastic Card Is Taking Forever!)

No PhilID plastic card yet? You might as well settle for this in the meantime.

For Filipinos who still haven’t received their Philippine National ID cards or PhilID card, you may have to settle for the meantime to having an official printout of your digital PhilID otherwise known as the “Printed ePhilID”.

Take note that it cannot be downloaded conveniently as a PDF or image file. Rather, PhilSys and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) requires that you set an appointment in the PhilSys Registration Center nearest you.

What is the Printed ePhilID?

The Printed ePhilID has the same functionality and validity as the physical plastic card. It is a digital version of your PhilD printed on a piece of paper. It is free of charge. It does not replace the physical plastic card.

Who can avail of the printed ePhilID?

Filipinos who have accomplished Step 2 of the PhilID registration process, have received their PhilSys Numbers (PSN) and who have not received their physical plastic PhilID cards can avail of this.

“The printed ePhilID shall be honored and accepted as the official government-issued identification document of a person for his or her transactions in all national government agencies, local government units (LGUs), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), government financial institutions (GFIs), financial institutions, and private sector.” 

PSA Public Advisory

Will I still receive my PhilID card?

PSA says you still will as every Filipino is allocated a PhilID. You will just have to keep waiting until it arrives. In the meantime, you can have your “Printed ePhilID” in order to use its benefits.

So, how do I generate my Printed ePhilID?

  1. Access the ePhilID Appointment System at
  2. You will be asked to provide your transaction number which is printed on the transaction slip provided during your Step 2 registration.
  3. Follow the prompt and provide the information requested at the ePhilID Appointment System website.
  4. If you are eligible for a printed ePhilID you will be asked to book an appointment and choose a PhilSys registration center where you would like to claim your printed ePhilID.
  5. An appointment slip will be generated and sent to you. Please bring this along with 1 valid ID and your transaction number on the day of your appointment to claim your printed ePhilID at the PhilSys registration center.

What does the Printed ePhilID look like?

You can only have this printed at the PSA Registration Center, after setting an appointment. You will not receive a digital copy (PDF or image version). BUT you can scan it for your files, and have this laminated. (Perfect. Wow!)

More information from the PSA official page at


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