How to Use the S-PaSS System

The S-PaSS system is mandated by the IATF to be used by Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs), Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs) Emergency Travelers (ETs), tourists, and other travelers, in order to make it Safe, Swift, and Smart. S-PaSS is a travel management system developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) VI.

This is a convenient system to check the travel requirements needed by your departure and arrival destinations. More and more LGUs are adopting this system which would make it more convenient on the part of the traveler. S-PaSS will tell you if the destination has restricted or unrestricted travel policy. You can generate a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) which replaces the Travel Authority, with the system.

Plan Out Your Travel Destinations

Plot out where the LGU is of your origin or where you are first coming from, then your next destinations. For example, a flight from Butuan to Cebu via Manila, will need you to check the S-PaSS status of Butuan City, Manila, and Cebu City.

By doing this you will comply with the requirements of whether to secure a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP), a Travel Pass-through Permit (TPP), or no permits needed.

Restricted or Unrestrictred Travel

S-PaSS makes it easy for you to check on whether your destinations are restricted or unrestricted. The best routes with practically no hassle are those unrestricted routes. Take note, that if your final destination is marked as:

  • RESTRICTED – You will need to secure a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)

But if you are passing through an LGU that is restricted, you will need a Travel Pass-through Permit (TPP)


Simple Search

Simply enter the province name and click Search. Doing so will provide you updated status of whether the LGU is of Restricted or Unrestricted status.

Let S-PaSS Check Travel Requirements for You

Make use of the S-PaSS Travel Questionnaire which gives your LGU destination travel requirements and any contact details. Simply click on the button “Click Here to Check Requirements” to take you to the questionnaire, or click here to proceed directly.

Proceed here to the S-PaSS Website to check your requirements and easily generate the necessary permits.

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