Features of the Philippine National ID or PhilID

Empowered by Republic Act No. 11055, otherwise known as the Philippine Identification System Act, the aim is to establish a single national identification system for all citizens and resident aliens of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Philippine National ID otherwise known as Phil ID is provided by the Philippine Identifications System or PhilSys. PhilSys is under the Philippine Statistical Authority or PSA.

PhilID is a valid proof of identity and the Philippine government’s central identification platform for Filipinos. It is a means to simplify public and private transactions like opening bank accounts.

Features of the PhilID

  • PhilID is government-issued
  • Free of charge upon registration
  • Non-transferable and valid proof of identity
  • Contains the following:
    • Demographic information (age, sex, blood type, etc.)
    • Front-facing photograph
    • PhilSys Number (PSN) — your card number
    • QR code

The PhilID does not replace other IDs like the passport or driver’s license.

Physical characteristics of the PhilID (from PSA)


On safety, the PSA ensures strict compliance with the PhilSys Act of 2018 and Data Privacy Act of 2012. It adopts Privacy by Design principles, meaning, privacy is incorporated in systems and technologies by default. The PSA also works closely with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for data privacy and security.

Have you registered for your Philippine National ID? If not read up here on the steps to secure one today:

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