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Online Tools for Small Businesses

DTI has advised that most of the tools or solutions are free while others have corresponding fees, and that its collection of resources does not necessarily mean to endorse or promote the products and tools.

The Department of Trade and Industry has made available a list of links to online tools that micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can use to optimize and digitalize their operations.

The DTI is doing good in providing a starting point for Filipino business owners who are transitioning into the digital marketplace. With numerous resources out there, some of us just don’t know where to start.

Tech Tools for MSMEs by DTI

A few months back, DTI also announced their partnership with EasyBuilderPRO that is providing a free website solution to Filipino entrepreneurs. Read more about it here.

Alternatively, there is a local e-commerce company called with a highly competitive, yet free e-commerce/online shop platform solution for Filipino online sellers. Read more about it here.

These “Tech Tools” for MSMEs have been divided into eleven categories. Check them out below.


Find resources to help you take advantage of e-commerce to get your business running despite the lockdown. Proceed here to view the e-commerce tools.


Know what digital payment facilities you can use to implement cashless transactions, receive and send payments while observing social distancing. Proceed here to view the e-payment tools.

Digital Marketing

Get your business online, use social media and free online platforms to reach to your target market. View the digital marketing tools here.


Deliver your goods through logistics providers and leave your worries of going thru checkpoints, etc. and ensure fast and efficient delivery of your products. View the logistics tools here.

Work From Home Collaboration

Discover tools that can keep your business up and running and make remote work for you. View the work from home collaboration tools here.

Productivity Tools

Increase your productivity while working remotely during the lockdown. View the productivity tools here.

Document and File Sharing

Store your big files easily, or store them in the cloud, sync them across multiple devices and collaborate with your colleagues and clients. View the document and file sharing tools here.

Content Development/Video Making Tools

Start making quick and effective videos to market your products or services remotely. View the content development and video making tools here.


Join online video presentations, workshops, or lectures on related topics and interact with the real-time discussion. View the webinar or video presentation tools here.


Participate in training and seminars and learn from the experts at any time and place while staying at home. View the e-learning tools here.

Find An Expert

Click here to find an expert who offered online services to help you develop your recovery plan, marketing strategies, among others. Check out the online experts you can tap here.

Read more on this online resource from DTI here.

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