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Bureau of Customs in NAIA Accepts Online Filing of Goods Declaration

The online system of filing of goods declaration is only open to accredited importers, customs brokers, and declarants at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA, in Pasay City, Philippines.

The Philippines’ Bureau of Customs or BOC announces that its Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA branch may now accept online filing of Goods Declaration in compliance with Office of the Commissioner (OCOM) Memorandum No. 61-2020.

The system is open only for accredited importers, customs brokers, and declarants at the BOC NAIA branch.

Online Procedure

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register first with the Customer Care Portal System or CCPS at
  2. Upon successful registration, proceed to Open a New Ticket (Their system treats its submissions as “tickets”)
  3. Select “Filing of Goods Declaration” found under the “Help” menu item. Fill out the form and upload the necessary documents.
  4. In the form page, select the Port, Declaration Type (Consumption or Informal), and Section. The user must also conform with the following by checking the corresponding boxes:
    • Identity Verification
    • BOC Data Privacy Consent Form
    • File Authenticity
  5. Enter the Goods Declaration Reference number as used in the lodgment, importer’s complete name as show in the Single Administrative Document (SAD) and Declarant’s name in the field box.
  6. Upload the files by clicking “choose them” in the grayed box to the right of the document description.
  7. Fields with red asterisks are mandatory field. The creation of a new ticket will not proceed without attaching the required document.
  8. Click the green button at the bottom of the form to create the Ticket and upload the import documents.

Manually Submit Documents

The user is required to accomplish a written commitment and undertaking to submit the original copy of the supporting documents uploaded in the CCPS. These forms can be downloaded in the links located below the “Related Resources” of the Upload Section in the ticket page.

Original hardcopies must be submitted through a courier via the Customs Customer Care (CCC) or designated receiving station/dropbox.

These documents have to be placed in a long brown envelope properly labeled using 16 Arial font with the following details, all in capital letters:

  1. Date (ex. OCTOBER 2, 2019);
  2. Port Code and Goods Declaration Reference Number (Entry Number) following the format in the SAD (e.g. P02A-C-12345-2019);
  4. Importer’s Email address (e.g.;
  5. Declarant (e.g. JOSE DE LA CRUZ);
  6. Declarant’s email address (e.g.;
  7. List of Documents submitted separated by Comma (e.g. SAD, TEMPORARY ASSESSMENT NOTICE, INVOICE, PACKING LIST, BL, INSURANCE RECEIPT); and
  8. Ticket No.

These aforementioned steps follow the provisions under Section 5 of the OCOM Memorandum 61-2020.

View the full and original OCOM Memorandum 61-2020 here.

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