First-Time Father: Sam Uy

Congratulations to Sam and Jaye, parents of adorable Jacob! In time for Father's Day we asked Sam how it feels to be a first-time father and his advise to those wanting to be one.

Being a first time dad has been life changing for me. Let me expound on that. I’ve only been a dad for a month; but in such a short period since my son, Jacob, was born, I have learned so many things that I didn’t know before.

For one, I used to think that the dad’s role was mainly to provide and protect. I now realize that the father also plays a big role in taking care of his newborn child. I realized that after Jaye gave birth, she needed a lot of time to recover from her Caesarian operation. Breastfeeding has also been physically draining for her, so I quickly learned to step up.

“I know for sure that I care for him more than I care for myself. My priorities have shifted to what would be best for his future.”

Sam Uy

Along with other tasks, I quickly learned some of the basics like bathing and burping the baby and swaddling and soothing him when he cries.

At the end of the day, all the hard work and sleepless nights have definitely been worth it so much so that fatherhood has become the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had.

I also learned that it’s really true what they say about how much you will love your child.

For me, it was love at first sight. I am very thankful to my son for teaching me unconditional love.

I know for sure that I care for him more than I care for myself. My priorities have shifted to what would be best for his future.

As mentioned earlier, I am a very recent dad; but if I could give advice to soon-to-be dads out there, it would be this one — the last thing that I’ve learned about being a father so far.

That of how important our responsibilities are towards our child; for we will be one of the biggest influences in our kid’s life.

Today, there is nothing I want more than to become the best role model for Jacob. From the moment he was born, I have decided to mold him and guide him in every aspect of his life so that one day, he could make a difference in society and be a blessing to the world.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!

Sam Uy

Thirty-four, and based in Cebu, Sam currently works for their family business, Ford Tractor Philippines. He has also recently found joy in backyard planting and up-cycling.

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