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Businesses and Activities Allowed to Operate under ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ.

DTI's Revised Omnibus Guidelines on Community Quarantine dated 22 May 2020 lists Businesses and Activities allowed to operate under every Community Quarantine classification.

Breathe in. Breathe out. We know these are stressful times. On June 16, the IATF updated areas in the Philippines under the various Community Quarantine classifications for the period of June 16 to 30, 2020.

ECQ > MECQ > GCQ > MGCQ > New Normal

Progression of Community Quarantine Classifications into the New Normal

As a refresher, this post presents the list of businesses and activities, and the allowed operating capacities under each classification. The DTI classifies these under Categories 1 to 4. Find where you belong to below:

Category 1 Businesses and Activities

Category 2 Businesses and Activities

Category 3 Businesses and Activities

Category 4 Businesses and Activities

We thank the Department or Trade and Industry or DTI for making these infographics available, to relieve the headache of having to decipher the legal speak of Memorandum Circulars.

But if you want to read the full and original guidelines, you may proceed to