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In Summary: IATF Resolution No. 43 and its MGCQ Amendments

The Philippines COVID-19 IATF released Resolution No. 43 that amends several items in its previously amended Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine. Much of the amendments touch on MGCQ implementation, particularly in harmonizing with DOT Administrative Order 2020-002.

On June 3, 2020, the Philippines COVID 19 IATF released Resolution No. 43, that contains mostly amendments to its previously amended Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines (May 23, 2020).

In summary, the new resolution tackles the following matters:

Introduces the term “Accommodation Establishments” and adopts the Department of Tourism Administrative Order 2020-002 guidelines on requirement of a Certificate of Authority to operate. It further mentions that only hotels with DOT accreditation will be granted business permits or renewal thereof pursuant to DILG Circular 2019-17, thereby effectively including DILG in the enforcement of DOT guidelines for accommodation establishments.

Adds “range shooting” to list of allowed outdoor non-contact sports, under GCQ.

Amends MGCQ guidelines, specifically:

No longer allowing all persons, and instead disallowing persons below 21 years old, persons above 60 years old, and requires persons with immunodeficiencies, pregnant, with health risks to remain at home, except if really needed to access basic goods and services.

Further clarifies that interzonal and intrazonal movement between MGCQ areas and areas with with no community quarantine for any purpose shall be allowed but for tourism-related travel, may still be subject of the LGU concerned or in the case of Boracay, the Boracay IATF.

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