Cebu Province transitions to GCQ

On 12:01 AM of Wednesday, May 20, 2020, Cebu Province (except Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Talisay City) transitioned to a General Community Quarantine or GCQ status. In line with this, Cebu Provincial Governor Gwen Garcia released new guidelines on this move through a 14-page Executive Order (No. 17 Series of 2020), entitled “Defining the General Community Quarantine Protocols, Standards, and Guidelines to be Observed by All Persons Within the Province of Cebu.”

The Cebu Provincial Government created the “Task Force New Normal” to facilitate the transition to GCQ. After convening in May 5, and with consultations with various LGUs and stakeholders, this latest Executive Order prescribes the standards, protocols, and guidelines to be known as “Cebu GQC Protocols.”

Here are just some of the points per Section as stated by EO No. 17 Series of 2020. Please refer below to the original Executive Order for the complete guidelines. You may also want to view the Governor’s Press Conference on May 19 for a fuller explanation on the Cebu GCQ Protocols.

Section 2: Minimum Mandatory Safety or Public Health Standards

Continued health safety vigilance and implementation of protective, sanitizing/disinfecting measures (e.g. wearing of face masks/face shields/PPEs, hand washing stations/sanitizers, temperature checks, and physical distancing of at least 1 meter, signages, etc.)

Movement for leisure purposes shall remain prohibited/not allowed.

Curfew from 10PM to 5AM for non-workers and non-exempt persons.

24-hour quarantine (except for emergency cases) for the ff: persons below 21 years old, except those employed in exempted businesses/establishments allowed to operate, and persons with immunodeficiencies and other health risks.

Section 3: Permitted Work, Occupations, Industries, and Businesses, states those occupations, industries, and businesses allowed to operate within the Province of Cebu.

These businesses cannot operate still: Gyms, fitness, sports, and recreation centers, Bars and pubs, and Karaoke establishments, movie houses, public swimming pools, cockpits, and other recreation establishments.

Those allowed must follow curfew, must follow social distance measures, and follow all the minimum requirements stated in Section 2.

Hotels, resorts, and other accommodation establishments may continue to operate subject to the restrictions under E.O. No. 5-L Series of 2020, including that: Bookings shall be limited to 1 person per room; Group celebrations, parties, activities, and other gatherings of any form are strictly prohibited — 10 or more persons gathered in an area shall be considered as a gathering.

Dine-in in restaurants, fast food chains, and carenderias shall be allowed but limited to 50% of the establishment’s total customer carrying capacity. Air-conditioning units must be switched off. Section 2 requirements must be complied with.

Banks and other financial institutions shall observe regular operating hours.

Malls and shopping centers are allowed limited operations that must comply faithfully to DTI’s Memorandum Circular No. 20-21 series of 2020 (Guidelines on the Operations of Malls and Shopping Centers in Areas Declared under General Community Quarantine). Internet WiFi and Air-conditioning must be switched off during mall/shopping center operations. Foot traffic may also be limited.

Physical school classes shall remain suspended and must comply with guidelines issued by DepEd and CHED.

Public land transportation shall operate at a reduced capacity subject to guidelines from DOTr, LTFRB, that includes: observation of social distancing, limited capacity, sanitary measures, only specific routes shall be allowed. Non-air-conditioned public buses and minibuses shall be the preferred public transport services and shall be regulated with the issuance of Provincial Public Utility Passes (PPUP). The operators shall require passengers to present their IDs and other documents to prove that they are essential workers. Thus only persons who are allowed to travel under GCQ can board these buses and be issue travel tickets. Other modes of public transportation may be allowed to operate as determined by LTFRB with a special permit, and must secure a PPUP.

All businesses operating within Cebu Province shall adopt a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Health Security Plan (HSP) to be submitted to the LGU having jurisdiction of the workplace. This HSP should be centered on boosting the immunity of employees as prescribed by the EO’s Section 9.

Section 4. Prohibited Activities

Social gatherings, religious gatherings, tourism activities, and gambling activities that would result to close person-to-person contact and gatherings of groups and crowds shall be prohibited. Further, other mass gatherings like movie screenings, concerts, sports activities, and events, and other entertainment activities, community and religious gatherings shall not be allowed. Again 10 or more persons gathered in an area shall be considered a gathering.

Section 5. Drinking of Liquor in Public Places — shall be strictly prohibited. You can drink liquor and alcohol at home only; should still be subject to additional guidelines if any by the LGU.

Section 6. Movement of Persons and goods.

Existing LGU-issued Quarantine Passes for access to essential goods and services shall continue to be observed. OFWs or returning non-OFWs may be allowed entry to Cebu provided they must pass thru testing, quarantine, and accomplish certifications.

Section 7. Entry into Cebu. Entry into Cebu from other zones or provinces shall not be allowed.

Section 8. Restriction on Entry from the ECQ Zone.

No person shall be allowed entry into the territorial jurisdiction of Cebu Province (i.e. borders of Mandaue, Talisay, and Balamban, and Cordova) except — select workers as defined in section 8 including select Government Workers, Private and government health professionals, accredited media personnel, military and private security, field personnel of energy related entities, VECo, MCWD, telcos, banks and money transfer establishments, lawyers with scheduled hearings, delivery personnel with passes, persons with pre-existing medical conditions who need treatment in a medical facility, persons working in funeral parlors, and other exempted individuals approved by the Governor. (See EO for more details).

Section 9. Health Regimen

Immune system boosting is the priority. Regimen strongly encouraged include: drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day, drink warm turmeric-salabat tea 2x a day, drink freshly squeezed calamansi juice 2x a day, sleep at least 8-hours a day, maintain healthy and balanced diet, stay under the sun for at least 30 minutes daily between 6-9AM and 3-6PM, regular intake of Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and Zinc, and steam inhalation (tu-ob) 2x a day when needed only.

Subject to social/physical distancing, prohibition of mass/leisure activities and other prohibitions by the LGU, the following are allowed:

Bathing, swimming in the sea, rivers and other open bodies of water between 6AM to 12NN; individual outdoor and non-contact exercises between 6-9AM and 5-9PM. These activities must be done within the territorial jurisdiction of your LGU (you cannot cross borders and travel to other LGUs to perform these activities).

Section 10. General Provisions

Check LGU guidelines in operation of wet markets.

Private vehicles can operate upon issuance of Vehicle Quarantine Pass by the LGU and must observe strict social distancing within the vehicle.

Use of bicycles and other non-motorized modes of allowed travel, provided social/physical distancing is observed, are strongly encouraged.

Churches may be opened to the public only for visits to the Blessed Sacrament and following strict measures. Masses can only be held via livestream online.

Residents of a municipality or component city of Province of Cebu who are stranded in another municipality or city within Cebu shall be allowed to return to their LGU or residence provided they secure the written consent of the Mayor of the LGU. They shall also comply with health protocols including mandatory 14 day quarantine.

Section 11. City of Talisay shall be under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine or MECQ.

View Gov. Gwen Garcia’s press conference thru Sugbo News held on May 19, 2020 Tuesday explaining this latest Executive Order:

Read Cebu Province Executive Order No. 17 Series of 2020 signed by Gov. Gwen Garcia transitioning Cebu Province to a General Community Quarantine status:

Source: Cebu Provincial Government thru Sugbo News.

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